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A Gift of Clean Water – $25

The water filters were provided to the participants of the “WASH” training by ENPHO. ENPHO (Environment and Public Heath Organization) works with people in impoverished areas; they are experts in providing cost effective, simple technologies for access to safe drinking water, compost toilets and hygiene.

Nurses from the Upper Dolpo and public health specialists maintain that at least 50% of the Dolpo’s health problems are related to contaminated drinking water. Many get sick with vomiting and diarrhea, especially during the rainy season when water from the hillsides, littered with dung, collects in the water courses. In 2018, diarrhea killed a five-year-old child at Saldang and one project teacher came perilously close to death. Even after infusing four bags of saline the nurse was still not sure the teacher would survive the night. However, in 2019, once the filter kits were in place at Saldang, we are happy to report that no children became sick because of water quality!

The older students ensure the younger students drink only filtered water. $35 will buy a set of replacement filters for 1 school. They are a smart and simple solution to contaminated water. Clean water really does save lives.

Our friends from CAWST in Calgary are training me to do the water testing and collect the information needed to choose longer-term water purification options. We are currently considering biosand filters, which are used extensively throughout the world, and ultraviolet treatment, which would require some power. I’m confident we could get help from Peter Werth of Himalaya Currents to help with the power needs. 


image credit: Pema Wangyal Lama – Saldang School


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