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A Gift of Teacher Training – $25

During 2018, the NGO REED – Rural Education and Environmental Development Centre Nepal, visited schools in the Upper Dolpo to assess the quality of education. Their survey showed there was great opportunity for improvement.

Altitude Project, in conjuntion with 8 other NGOs, provided funding for the first year of REED’s teacher training program. Sixty teachers from the Upper Dolpo received ten days of training. This training is important – most of the project teachers are not trained as teachers. They are people from the Dolpo who have completed high school and / or college in Kathmandu and have returned to help people in their villages. Part of the training program includes follow-up in the field to help the teachers implement their new skills. It improves the learning outcomes for students and it provides a path to certification for these teachers.


The feedback has been excellent!

“Our children are quite fascinated with the new way of teaching style and we see them working themselves with the materials we have made for them.”

“It was very interesting developing materials and introducing them in the classroom, and children were very happy and curious to see them which never happened before.”

Our goal is to participate in the second year of the three-year training program in 2020 in conjunction with the other NGOs again. Our portion for the training of the sixty teachers is $1,500.

Donations of any amount are most welcome and appreciated! We will be happy to personalize the card for you.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

― Margaret Mead