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2018 Request for Support of Schools in the Upper Dolpo, Nepal

Dear Friends (and friends of friends):

Happy New Year and best wishes for a most wonderful 2018!

If your New Year’s resolution was to make a positive impact in the world, may we suggest you make a donation to Altitude Project?

Your donation will make 2018 a brighter year for kids in the Upper Dolpo by improving their access to a basic quality education.

It will make their world a better place by building child-friendly , separate toilets for girls, boys and staff.

It will send hope to Tenzin Norbu, that he can complete his higher education and return to help his village as a doctor.

It will send light to the people of the Dolpo by supporting the purchase of portable solar lights provided by LuminAid.


Our goal for 2018 fund raising is $30,000. If you can give a little – it will help a lot! Every dollar will be sent to Nepal.

Huge thanks to those who have already donated, we are almost at $11,000!

And a reminder that all funds for the year must be sent to Nepal not later than March 10 so that all materials and supplies can be purchased and transported, much of the distance by mule or yak, to the Upper Dolpo for the start of the school year April 1


I started Altitude Project after a 2015 trek to the Upper Dolpo, when the Saldang school coordinator told us they were short of funding and desperate for help. In 2017, we learned of two neighbouring schools, Komas and Karang, which also required support after losing their primary funding sources.

I was privileged to trek to the Upper Dolpo again in October. I spent three days at the three schools and it is clear that more support is critically needed. This region of Nepal is culturally Tibetan and is largely ignored by the Nepali government. They provide only about 30% of school funding. We are working with other international groups, many led by trekkers, to ensure donations go to where the needs are most critical.

Here, where children need help the most, each dollar makes a tremendous impact. Your kind and generous donations are greatly appreciated and the degree of trust you give us is deeply honoured!


Saldang -1,000 villagers; 76 students up to Class 6

Komas – 200 villagers; 27 students up to Class 5

Karang – 500 villagers; 46 students up to Class 5

The school at Komas has two other supporters (a woman from Germany and a group from Sweden) who we are working with to ensure that school is funded in 2018 for basic operations, however, there is has been a desperate need to build new toilets for several years; girl’s, boys’ and staff, so extra funding is needed for that project.

The school at Karang is in precarious shape. They lost their funding completely after 2016 and barely scraped through 2017 with small amounts of funding from several sources. Altitude Project would like to help Karang in a more substantial way this year and to do that, we need your help and support. So far, there is only one commitment of $5,000 for Karang from a Swiss group.

Funding for Saldang is in reasonable shape for general operations this year. However, there is a need to fix and replace the roofs of more of the classrooms. Wood is extremely expensive in the Dolpo – it is cut a lower elevation about 3 days away and packed in on yaks.

There will be much more information about these schools added to our website soon.


A few things to note:

1) Our application with CRA for charitable status in Canada is still in process. Based on recent correspondence, we don’t expect a decision until
sometime in the first quarter of this year. Fingers crossed! It will happen – it’s just timing now. Thanks again to Burns Fitzpatrick Law Firm in
Vancouver for their help with our application.

2) We are now on Facebook – please like us to see our latest updates and photos.

3) There are no administration fees or costs for our work. Directors absorb any such costs.

4) Here are the ways to make a donation to Altitude Project:
– Inter-bank transfer from your bank to this account number at CIBC in Nelson, BC, Canada – 00270/8458790
– E-transfers can be sent to – for the security question please use “What is this for” with the answer SaldangSchool (no spaces).
– A cheque payable to Altitude Project can be mailed to David Swain, 4228 Crescent Bay Road, Nelson BC, V1L 6N1, Canada
– On the Donate page of the Altitude Project website

Ps: Please, forward this message to anyone who may be interested or is able to help!

Tashi delek, Namaste, Sincere Thanks
David Swain