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The 2017 Goal is to Raise $15,000.


During 2016, I made contact with the registered charity in Germany, Friends of Nepal, who built Saldang School in 1999 and have been supporting it for many years.

Unfortunately fund raising had become more difficult and less predictable, and it had become impossible for them to raise the funds needed to both operate the school, and to address acutely needed repairs, maintenance and improvements. There was a serious shortfall of funds for 2016.

Our fund raising campaign in 2016 was very successful and the school was able to operate, and to begin the repairs and improvement projects – so heartfelt thanks to all those who were able to help!

Friends of Nepal is extremely grateful for our continuing support. We are working closely together with Pema, the school coordinator, to determine the funding requirements for 2017. The most recent estimate is that we need to provide a slightly greater amount than in 2016. Our goal for 2017 is $15,000.

Please help, with your support the school will have another successful year in 2017!