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Climate Change – Wangchen for Change

Climate change warn us often but it cannot be easily felt. 

Local of our communities feel it even it is slight change. 

Farmers are more worried of least crops and unpredictable rain and snow mixed up this year.

There was dry and least rainfall in the beginning of summer but heavy rainfall in the late summer spoiled the well riped crops and grains. 

At the end there wasn’t much grass in the high pasture lands and hill tops. 

Grains/crops and grasses are the only means of cultivation and fodders for the domestic animals.

We are now in dire situation due to climate change in the himalaya.
Rainfall these days disturbing so badly


Namdo(Yulla Chodpa Ceremony) is soon going to start again. The history of This festival trace back to since an unknown period. The festival of pleasing and offering local deities in same time, date and season is an important local festival that believed to prevail peace, prosperity and healthy living of entire sentient beings. Moreover, this festival fall exactly in the middle of summer and beginning of ripening every fruits, crops or any sort of greeneries those bear some seeds. Hence, it is believed that, after the offering of ceremonies and good wishes in a common bring good lucks, good crops, eradicate pandemics and sustain healthy cattleZ

It always seems impossible, until it’s done.

– Nelson Mandela.


Scarcity of water for the irrigation is not a new worry for Dolpopas but these is important that we must get ideas together to make it no more challenges.
Dolpopas practice simply a subsistence farming which hardly bear within the summer six months. They are compelled to rely on thwir luck if the crops grow better or worse. No other options apart from relyin upon it.
Other societies than Dolpo, at least they have few more seasonal farming which normally cover one after another.
This year comparatively least snow fall which is now an issue of great worry. Most importantly, Nangkhong valley rely 100% on snow water. Due to hard changes in climate and uncertain seasons in Dolpo threatened the locals. Some alternative solutions and modernized local farming is high in need.