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A stone-and-wire structure — built by hand without cement or power tools of any kind — is part of one of Peter’s sustainable, clean-energy hydrokinetic systems.

Powering the Schools – Peter Werth – Himalayan Currents


The wind turbine at Saldang

Peter Werth established Himalayan Currents to support sustainable energy and water projects in remote Himalayan villages. He provides in-stream turbine and hybrid solar/wind units to all of our schools. This is often the only source of power in the village. His goal is to “provide clean green energy to schools, gumbas and health posts with minimal environmental impact on the Dolpa.”

He is a master of “orchestrating the many different entities to pull the logistics together, including transporting the turbine, solar panels, batteries, and the 30-foot-steel poles to Nepal – using ships, trucks, helicopters, and small aircraft”, then organizing the days-long caravan of yaks and mules needed to haul the equipment to the village! (You can watch a video of the wind turbine system’s journey from Hartford Connecticut to Saldang.)

Peter has trained and equipped a cadre of local people that can install, maintain and repair the systems. He says “The “Doctor “ Gyuanu Gurung and The “Professor” Bishnu Gurung are my A team”!

Peter is always ready to support other projects in the region; the Namdo School Lunch Program, the REED Teacher Training Program, and prayer wheel renovations at Pugmo and Ringmo are just a few. He contributes significant funds to several school budgets each year. 


Peter also supports several Dolpo students who are earning their BA degrees in Kathmandu.

This is the 2021 cohort! They are the future of Dolpa!!


Hybrid sytem at Namdo School 

 Empowering so many students!

All of the schools, except Tiling School,  are powered by a Solar + Wind Hybrid System. Tiling School is Solar only.

Karang School ~65 students
Tiling School ~30 students 
Komang School ~35 students 
Saldang School ~85 students 
Ku School ~35 students
Tinje School ~95 students
Simen School ~35 students
Namdo School ~130 students 
Chharka School ~60 students
Crystal Mountain School
 ~200 students

Powering the Gumbas and Health Posts

All are powered by a Solar + Wind Hybrid System.

Chharka Bon Gumba – 15 Monks & Nuns 
Karang Gumba – 10 Monks & Nuns 
Samling Gumba – 20 Monks 
Dachen Gumba – 40 Monks & Nuns
Nyisal Gumba – 30 Monks & Nuns 
Shell Gumba  – Widows 

Karang Health Post 
Saldang Health Post 
Dho Health Post 
Jarana Hotel/Health Post 


Solar panels and wind turbine at Chharka Health post

A Micro Hydro Project was installed at Pugmo Village.

Missing from this list is the Ringmo Hydro Project that experienced catastrophic failures from 2014-16. This was abandoned and the equipment re-purposed for lighting at the Phoksundo Gumba for late 2021.


Children at Saldang School say morning prayers as Peter’s New Wind Energy Solution‘s Firefly hybrid wind and solar system harvests wind and sun.

Peter is the reason Altitude Project exists. During our trek to the Upper Dolpo in 2015, we had a rest day in the village of Saldang. I needed to charge a camera battery and the only electricity in the village was at the school. The power was provided by Peter’s wind turbine and a solar array he had installed on the roof of the school. While my battery was charging, Pema, the school coordinator, and Kunsang, a teacher, asked me over tea if I could raise some money to help their school with a funding shortfall. That was the beginning of Altitude Project. Thank you Peter!

Let there be light!

all images courtesy of Peter Werth

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

― Margaret Mead