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Return to Dolpo – Jumla to Juphal on the GHT High Route

Our trek from Jumla to Juphal in October of 2017 was an epic trip of 29 days instead of the planned 25. We traveled the high route of the Great Himalaya Trail, a route no one on the trip had completed before, not even our guides. We relied on trip reports from others and realized after a few days that the distances to be covered in a day were unrealistic, at least for our group. We had several very long days reaching camp with headlamps and helping to set-up tents in the dark. Considering most the group was 60 years plus, this adventure was a little more than we imagined. However, we persevered and made it to Saldang, a village where we support a school, four days later than planned. Arriving late to the this village turned into a blessing, as we were able to observe and participate in the last two days of the school year; one day of exams followed by a day of celebration with the whole community. I was able to visit the schools at Karang and Komas as well. This second trip to the Dolpo certainly crystallized my enthusiasm to support the people of the Dolpo, this extremely remote high desert region of Nepal which is seldom visited. Our trip out of the region through Phoksundo Lake National Park was as spectacular as I remembered. We will be traveling to this region again in the fall of 2019. Stay tuned and let us know if you are interested in joining!

All of our treks have been organized and operated by Happy Feet Mountaineers Pvt. Ltd.
We are pleased to recommend them to anyone interested in a trip to Nepal.