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Portraits of Saldang : David R. Gluns

Children and Villagers of Saldang

These incredible portraits were created by Dave Gluns, a very good friend and professional photographer, during our trek to the Upper Dolpo in October of 2017. Dave used a full frame camera and packed in lighting equipment to enhance the portraits. We devoted one full day to shooting images of the children and villagers, but sadly ran of time and light to accommodate all those who wanted one. We had quite the assembly line going; Dave would position the subjects and take several images of each and afterwards I would take an image with a small format polaroid camera so we could give each person something to keep. Children also received a balloon and some fruit leather! It was definitely a very entertaining day for all concerned! We will be providing 5×7 copies to Pema Wangyal, the school coordinator, this winter so he can deliver them at the start of the school year in 2019.

Altitude Project is extremely grateful to Dave for making these images available for our website. And if you are interested in purchasing any images, please contact us.