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Karang Hostel

We are the primary sponsors of both the Karang School and the Karang Hostel. Karang school started teaching to grade 7 in 2023. It is the only Upper Dolpo school that teaches to that level. Children must move to Kathmandu to continue their education. Each village has a hostel in Kathmandu where students live and study with other children from their village. They live at the hostel until they graduate. Most will not see their parents until they complete grade 10, the basic level in Nepal. Students continuing on to university must complete grade 12.

Most of the parents are illiterate, and they dream of their children succeeding in school. The children dream of returning to their village as doctors, nurses, teachers and engineers, vocations that will help to improve the lives of their people. Here are a few of their stories


Image credit: David R. Gluns

“It was the first time I came to Kathmandu it was very hard and strange. I stay with my friends from same village at hostel, that make me so happy.”
Passang, Grade 7


photo credit – Pema Wangchuk Lama, manager Karang Hostel

Some of the students are the first from their village to continue their education beyond primary school. Sonam and Tsering are from Nyisal, a small village to the north of Karang. Their school in Kathmandu has 5 times the population of their entire village.

“On the way to Kathmandu my cousin asked me, ‘Do you know what our life will be, do we know what we will be?’ I got excited because we had never thought of such things! With education anything is possible!!”
– Sonam L.

Without this hostel, it is the end of their dreams of an education. Most who cannot continue their education marry early, and have children when they are barely past childhood themselves. A few enter a monastery.

Initially, students from Karang moved into the Namdo village hostel. In 2018, when it was full, Pema Gojor, the project coordinator for the school in Karang, established a hostel for Karang students.

The first year there were 6 students, this year there are 25. The number is expected to increase to about 30 when it reaches equilibrium with students graduating and those entering.

AMTM – Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde also provides generous assistance to the hostel.


Image credit: David R. Gluns

“I think it’s really important that girls should get educated early on about marriage and what it means to marry young so they can make their own choice. Everyone should get the chance to make their own choices about their life and get a chance to learn. It is important girls stay strong when they want to go to school and learn. It is important that girls learn to live independent and know they can do other jobs in the society like teachers, doctors, nurses and not just household and labor work.”
– Sonam B.


“I felt very happy, free and secure getting new rooms, toilets and bathrooms. I feel really grateful. Thank you!” – ​​​​​​​​Tsering 
Image credit: David R. Gluns

In 2021 the hostel moved into a larger space to accommodate more students. You can read about it in our newsletter. In 2023 a modular addition added a second floor with bedrooms, two bathrooms and a shower room. The girls are now upstairs, the boys are on the ground floor. The manager has a private space with a separate bathroom. It’s impressive that so much space, ~ 1,700 sq. ft., could be added for $32,000 CAD! The project was funded jointly with AMTM – Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde. Huge thanks to Pema Wangchuk, the hostel manager, for managing this project from start to finish! 

“Pema turned a run-down house into a beautiful, cozy home with clean rooms, beds, bathrooms, plenty of space for the students to study and eat their home cooked meals. It is surrounded by a lovely garden with fresh vegetables and greens so the students can learn to grow their own food.”
— Dorje Dolma/Yak Girl

The hostel manager helps the students be successful at their new school

Pema Wangchuk, the hostel manager, is also from Karang. He helps the kids transition from their world of subsistence farming and herding to modern life in the city. Most are behind in their education due to a late start, or to gaps in their studies because of the time they needed to spend working to help their families survive. He helps them prepare for their new school’s entrance exams. And he teaches them how to be safe in the city. Most have never seen a car.

Many struggle at first, and they are too shy to ask for help from their teachers. Pema encourages them to participate in the class, he meets with the school administrators to educate them about the village kids and he asks teachers to offer extra support, and to seat them with children from similar villages, until they feel comfortable in their new world.

Between his help, their determination to succeed, and their incredible work ethic, many are soon the top students in their class.


Visiting Pema and the kids at the hostel

“Our hostel manager, Pema sir, taught us many things. With more new ideas I started to dream different things, started to comprehend many things. I feel very lucky because I got all these opportunities. I am very grateful for everyone who supported me and I want to become a good person and serve back, thank you!”
— Tsering, grade 9

In the fall of 2023 Pema left for the UK and a master’s degree in finance. This newsletter says goodbye to Pema and introduces his terrific replacement Dolma Lhamu Gurung. She was one of the first people from Karang to receive an education and is dedicated to helping her villagers.

Thank you to a kind and generous supporter, David Powell

We have a dedicated supporter who has helped with beds and bedding, personal storage closets, and educational materials etc. He funded a small ‘computer lab’ equipped with desktop computers, functional furniture, and a printer, to help in their classes. You can read a newsletter guest written by this incredible man.


Image credit: Pema Wangchuk Lama, manager Karang Hostel

“I like computer science subject and I always hoping to use one myself. I have seen computers on book back in Dolpo and then at school we share with friends. The day when we got these computers at hostel became my favourite day. Thank you!”
— Sonam, grade 9

“Sleeping on bed is great pleasure that makes me warm and dream sweet as always. Before beds we sleep on floor on mats. I dream of becoming a geologist as best way of helping my village.”
— Sonam, Grade 9

“It makes us comfortable to discuss our work together and I use this bed for sleeping as well as sitting to complete homework. I dream of becoming an engineer related to arts and design. I want to draw historical story to keep Dolpo culture history for our village and teach my villagers deeply about education.”
— Nyima, Grade 9


Image credit: David R. Gluns


“I like keep my dress in closet because it keeps my clothes clean and safe. We used to keep in plastic bags.”
— Phurba, Grade 8

Image credit: David R. Gluns

“With education, I can do something. I can change something, I can change my village. I know the world doesn’t move without education. I am saying thank you so much for help in my education!”
— Phurba

Enjoy these images of the children at the Karang and Komang Hostels in this gallery.

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