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Previous Projects — 2016


Helping Supply Saldang School

Our focus in 2016 was to help Saldang School with a funding shortfall for their operating costs for salaries, food and supplies. All materials were purchased in Kathmandu by Pema, the project manager.

Some supplies for the students are collected through the schools there. Pema has help from an old teacher from Dolpa. Their slogan is ‘Children for Children’ – from one child in Kathmandu, one pencil, one exercise book, one sharpener, one eraser etc for one child in the Dolpo.

The goods are packed and are transported by truck, then by jeep, then by mules and yaks. Each pack is 30 kg, each mule carries 60 kg. 14 to 20 mules are needed, depending on the amount of goods.

Supplies normally arrive in the Dolpo in early April. If the pass remains closed by snow, it can take much longer.